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Food in Pizza Cones? Two, please.

Fact:  All food tastes better when served in a cone made of cheese pizza.

Even More Obvious Fact:  Pizza cones do not take good pictures.

There is a new place in the Deep Ellum part of Dallas called Epic Cones.  All your food served in a cone.  I ordered the vegetarian version, noted on the menu to be a healthy cone alternative, but they were out of veggies- story of my life, so I got the cheese pizza one.  Then had a heart attack.

Epic Cones has 11 choices, including Curry Chicken Salad (gross, then served in a pizza cone, double gross) but mine was actually delicious.  A girl I know drove out there to pick up her order and he asked if she wanted the dessert of the day.  “Maybe, what is it?”  “I don’t know.”  “Oh.  Well sure, throw it in the bag.”  I love how he’s the only employee too.  If he doesn’t know then who the fuck does.  He apparently runs his business similar to how I run mine.

Anyway, healthy cone alternative?  I’ll have to see that bullshit to believe it.



St Pete’s Dancing Marlin. Deep Ellum.

I had to meet a friend in Dallas the other day and was feeling like branching out of my normal range of two bars where I normally go.  Then someone told me that Meddlesome Moth was opening in Fort Worth so then I realized I will never have to go back to Dallas of the rest of my life.

Although it was extremely hard to get home, when I was in high school and college I used to love to go out to Deep Ellum for whatever reason.  When I wanted to be alone, it was a good place to go walk around (you see some weird shit there), at night to go out with friends (the music scene can be awesome or terrible) or go to rando shops selling anything from vintage to sex toys or $50 candles.

I hadn’t been out there in several years so my friend and I decided to brave it for a drink.  I had to google where to go, thank god for google otherwise I would probably never leave my living room, and it gave us St Pete’s Dancing Marlin.

It was a little hole in the wall but really cool.  I was the only person there for awhile (the person I met is habitually 45 minutes late everywhere we go), but considering it was 4 on a Wednesday I figured all the respectable people were still at work.

Overrated.  I had things to do, I had to go Pete’s.


Ghost Bar is Closing. Where will all the douches go?

Ghost Bar in Dallas is closing.  Wah-wah.

I have only been once, paid $20 for my drink  and got hit on by truly the most desperate person I have met to date.  As I sat there silently hoping he would pay for my $20 beverage (he didn’t.  Surprised?  Nope.) I realized this place blows.

Honestly, how does something I can make for $1.15 cost $20?  I guess because idiots like me pay for it.  So, I had two.

People kept telling me I needed to go outside on the terrace, that the floor is made of glass and you can see all the way down 33 floors.  No thanks.  Nothing rips a panic attack straight through my body quite like standing outside the side of a skyscraper.

So where will Tony Romo go hang out now?   Here’s the answer- no one gives a shit.


Baby Shower. Fernando’s. Now I am leaving.

I went to a baby shower in Dallas the other day.  As I sat between two pregnant girls, who also sat next to two pregnant girls, I began to contemplate my escape which towards the later part of the afternoon consisted of ways of faking my own death or just run screaming out the door.  So as I bolted, I realized I needed a margarita.

So I had four.  And some queso.

We went over to Fernando’s in Dallas’ Travis Walk area.  But when girls in your group start co-mingling with the guys outfitted in wife beaters and white sunglasses at the table next to you…it’s time to go.  I’m sure there were red flags before that low point (the girl next to me actually showed us her underwear at one point), but as I said, I was drinking margaritas and those flags went unnoticed.

That and I had 12 nachos to eat.  Nothing can deter me when nachos are involved, I have the resolve of Gerard Butler in 300.  I don’t give a shit who is wearing white sunglasses, I’m eating these nachos and gutting the fuck out of here.


St. Ann’s. Yeah, that’s Avocado…

This New Year’s I gave up pizza, chips and some other generally ‘bad for you’ foods.  So yesterday I went and ate pizza at St. Ann’s in Dallas.

They have the option of ‘make your own flatbread’ which, I have noticed due to past experience, anyone allowing me to ‘do my own thing’ usually results in a bad tasting disasterpile.  But somehow they managed to make something even out of my bizarre order of sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese and avocado.   Avocado is weird on pizza.  

Now I’m going to go eat some pho so prepare yourself pho some more pho jokes (oh yeah).