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You Ask and You Shall Receive…

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So this blows.

It’s funny because when I went through the pics on my pooter looking for this one, I found it next to the picture titled ‘guy passed out in car’ and ‘tim love equals goober’, all which made me giggle.  Morning giggles.

So I went to cocktail party several weeks ago and everyone was talking about jury duty (zzz) and I mentioned I had never had it (zzz).   Two weeks later this arrives.  I think this was Jesus’ way of telling me to improve my cocktail party banter.  Or to stop writing Jesus jokes in this blog.

Fortunately, I work for myself and can just go galavanting around downtown Monday at 8am when the government informs me to do so.  But unfortunately, Monday is my ‘get over the residual hangover from Sunday day’ and Sunday is ‘eat Happy Bowl in bed all day in the dark day’.  And from that it takes at least 24 hours for the MSG/sodium swelling in my face to go down before I can go in public again.

But my boss gave me the day off which is surprising because she is a real bitch sometimes.


Courthouse, you want me.  You get me.  I think this might be the earliest I have been out of bed since high school.


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