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The Usual then Mijo’s & thoughts on why I’m lazy…

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It’s been awhile since I updated this.  I kept telling myself I was “busy” but as someone oh so dear to me pointed out, I rarely am doing anything and was being lazy.  So I decided it was time to update.  And call that person an asshole.

Last night, the guy I live with and I went to a place over on Magnolia called Mijo’s. We originally went during lunch a couple weeks ago after remembering the restaurant is always on Groupon (doesn’t really seem like a  sound business plan) so we decided to buy $30 worth of food for $15.

the usual- french 75

Last night we went to go have a drink at the Usual (my fave, his least) and walked across the street to Mijo’s.  After looking on the app, my boyfriend sadly informed me that there weren’t any current Groupons for Mijo’s.  It might have been the look on my face (or the passive aggressive comment about how I couldn’t believe he was going to use a Groupon on date night) but I was then subjected to an informative speech about how Groupons are, in fact, not a representation of how much someone loves another person.  As I only half-listened I also recall something about being ‘fiscally savvy’.

Oh, romance…

Mijo- wine

But back to Mijo’s.  One exceptionally great thing about this place is that for $8, you get half a gallon of wine.  I used my hand as a point of reference but my boyfriend informed me that my giant man hands won’t give my bucket of wine the credit it’s due (I have little girlie lady hands, by the way).

mijos- wine 2

Several years ago, he gave me one of those wine glasses that holds an entire bottle of wine.  I like the concept but, honestly, if I’m in the mood that I need to put an entire bottle of wine in one single glass then I’m just going to cut out the middle man and go straw to bottle.

But again, back to Mijo’s.  It’s asian/mexican fusion so it’s confusing.  Plus I really don’t care for asian food so I might not be the best person to listen to.  The guy I was with loved it.  Walking the block to the restaurant, we randomly saw someone we know who said to get the lasagna.  So, maybe it’s mexican/asian/italian fusion.  And they have weird forks.

mijos- food

So in conclusion, I’ll go to Mijo’s for the wine.  My boyfriend will go for the food (look at his little girlie martini in the picture).

Get the lasagna…



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