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The Gold Standard.

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I really like what they did with this place.  Considering I didn’t care for 7th Haven, it wouldn’t have taken much.  I think that was more my problem though than 7th Haven’s. One time my boyfriend and I decided to walk to Fred’s for lunch and on the way, we stopped in 7th Haven to one drink.  Next thing we know, it’s 6:30 and time to put one foot on the floor and go to bed.  Like I said, probably my fault.

That said, my drink at G.S. was amazing (Pimm’s Cup) but my boyfriend’s was tres terriblé.  That was his fault though.  It’s a aspect of our relationship. I always pick really well and he always picks really poorly.  It’s so baffling to watch, he will pick the absolute worst thing on every menu.  Every time. I never understand it.

I pick awesome.  Always.

Good call, I say ‘fuck Patron’ as well.  That shit has never done anything good for me.


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