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Saint-Emilion. Wear your ball gown…

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A couple weeks ago my mom and I tried to eat here for dinner.   Around 6:30 on a Thursday I called to see if we could get in at 7.  “Let me check…………no.”

So this past week, I decided to try again.  This time I called a day in advance because, let’s be honest, this is Fort Worth not New York and I don’t see too many people wanting to spend one million dollars on a Thursday night dinner (my mom paid obviously).

I called on Wednesday, “hi, I need a reservation for three, tomorrow at 7.”  Direct and self-possessed.  I’m trying to be more assertive these days.

“Let me check.   7pm?”  ” Yes, dude.  7 pm.”  I was then on hold three minutes.  Oh, and imagine him speaking in a french accent which then made me wonder if it was fake.  How many french people are really living in Fort Worth?  “7pm…no.  You can come 10 minutes before 7 or 10 minutes after 7.”  Whatfuckingever, so I said oui to 6:50 and got there at 7.

I was slightly nervous the walls would implode but everything seemed to work itself out.  Also, the restaurant never gained more than one third capacity but who am I to question why french people do the things they do.

I do like eating here, they bring a chalk board of specials up to your table and just leave you to it.  One of the specials was fish but out waitress (also french) explained there was only one left “so if you want it order it now.”   Who on earth was eating all the fish before 7pm?  And seriously, how many french people are living here?  

Also, I wish I knew the answer to this question: how expensive does your bottle of wine have to be before you get nice wineglasses?  The table next to us were given nice glasses…sons of bitches.  I’ll just stick with my solo cup, thanks.

Anyway, this place is delicious and the decor is very country french (the door is not lying).  Order fast!  Or else, no fish for you.


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