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Food in Pizza Cones? Two, please.

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Fact:  All food tastes better when served in a cone made of cheese pizza.

Even More Obvious Fact:  Pizza cones do not take good pictures.

There is a new place in the Deep Ellum part of Dallas called Epic Cones.  All your food served in a cone.  I ordered the vegetarian version, noted on the menu to be a healthy cone alternative, but they were out of veggies- story of my life, so I got the cheese pizza one.  Then had a heart attack.

Epic Cones has 11 choices, including Curry Chicken Salad (gross, then served in a pizza cone, double gross) but mine was actually delicious.  A girl I know drove out there to pick up her order and he asked if she wanted the dessert of the day.  “Maybe, what is it?”  “I don’t know.”  “Oh.  Well sure, throw it in the bag.”  I love how he’s the only employee too.  If he doesn’t know then who the fuck does.  He apparently runs his business similar to how I run mine.

Anyway, healthy cone alternative?  I’ll have to see that bullshit to believe it.


One thought on “Food in Pizza Cones? Two, please.

  1. Wow, I’ll have to give that place a try. Love the dessert of the day story – mystery dessert in a cone. What could be better?

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