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Beer & BS. In Los Angeles

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 If I had a bar, I would be this upfront too.  This is what we have inside.  Beer and some  other bullshit.

This place sells great wines and has interesting beer on tap.  So my friend and I picked a great bottle of wine, walked up to the little bar and the guy just looked at us.  “Can I get you ladies something to drink?”  I thought the bottle of wine sitting in-between ourselves and the guy was self explanatory but that was a stupid assumption on my part.

“Well, how about this bottle of wine?”  “Yeah, thats a great one.”  “Fantastic, so how about we drink it then?” “No way.  You can’t drink that in here.  Anything else you want to try?”

So apparently at wine bars in Los Angeles, you can’t buy a bottle of wine and drink it, you have to drink whats already open.  Which then leads to you to ask the question, who decided what to open?  And why exactly can’t they open the one  I am asking to buy?

I guess I’ll have whatever the other bullshit is then.  “Do you still want this bottle of wine?”  Um, no.  What the fuck  am I supposed to do with it?



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