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Happy Bowl. Cats in Bowls.

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I liked this picture because it is a picture of a computer screen with a picture of a menu on it.  It’s a half ass attempt at a half ass attempt at a menu.  I can appreciate that.

There is something to be said about having food delivered to your house when you’re hungover.  I think the lesson is, no matter what’s delivered to you, you (and honestly by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’) will probably eat it.  You could probably put trashcan pizza in front of me and odds are when you come back it will be gone.

Whoever said egg drop soup is gross hit the nail on the head but, for some reason, it doesn’t stop me from ordering it every time from this place.   Sober, no thank you.  Half drunk and hungover?  Sure, add to the trashcan pizza order please.


Here’s a picture of a cat with a bowl hat.  Happy Tuesday everybody!


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