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St Pete’s Dancing Marlin. Deep Ellum.


I had to meet a friend in Dallas the other day and was feeling like branching out of my normal range of two bars where I normally go.  Then someone told me that Meddlesome Moth was opening in Fort Worth so then I realized I will never have to go back to Dallas of the rest of my life.

Although it was extremely hard to get home, when I was in high school and college I used to love to go out to Deep Ellum for whatever reason.  When I wanted to be alone, it was a good place to go walk around (you see some weird shit there), at night to go out with friends (the music scene can be awesome or terrible) or go to rando shops selling anything from vintage to sex toys or $50 candles.

I hadn’t been out there in several years so my friend and I decided to brave it for a drink.  I had to google where to go, thank god for google otherwise I would probably never leave my living room, and it gave us St Pete’s Dancing Marlin.

It was a little hole in the wall but really cool.  I was the only person there for awhile (the person I met is habitually 45 minutes late everywhere we go), but considering it was 4 on a Wednesday I figured all the respectable people were still at work.

Overrated.  I had things to do, I had to go Pete’s.


2 thoughts on “St Pete’s Dancing Marlin. Deep Ellum.

  1. I’ve seen that place but didn’t know what was inside. I thought it was a seafood joint.

    Thanks for sharing.

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