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Burger King & Shreveport. Two things I shouldn’t like.

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If you don’t like Burger King, then we have two problems.  One- this is about Burger King.  Two- I love Burger King (which sounds more like my problem).

My love of Burger King started several years ago when I used to travel a lot for work.  I had to find restaurants that accommodate vegetarians and this is the only fast food place that serves veggie burgers- not all that well, I might add.  I have had a frozen one (several actually), one that was so burn it almost broke my teeth and pretty much everything in between.  Although I guess I can say I have never had one that’s well cooked.

That’s the problem with fast food.  By the time you realized you’re fucked, you are too far away to do anything about it.  So I’ll just stick with eating my food frozen.

Side Note: I’m at home listening to Pandora.  God, John Mayer is a douche.  Thumbs down.


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