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Food Truck Park. AKA “Taco Park” with Peter Jackson

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Some friends of ours opened the Fort Worth Food Truck Park behind our house about six months ago so we try and go every other week (which means no matter how bad it is I will never say anything derogatory about it).

I call it “Taco Park” which I think drives my boyfriend insane, but it’s easy to deduce it down to that.  They occasionally serve tacos.  So just add that to the long list of other things he says I do that drives him crazy- which if that’s the truth makes me wonder how he hasn’t actually gone full blown insane yet.

I do really like the Taco Park but I have only two complaints.  1- it’s too hot outside, and,  2- my vegetarian truck left and never returned.  Cryface.  But, on occasion they have the Zombie vegan truck but it never seems to want to be there when I go.  I am one of probably four vegetarians (occasional vegan) that live in the state of Texas so I need to figure out when that shit happens and be present.

So this was weird.  My boyfriend and I ordered and went and sat at a table.  We  got up to go get our food and left our full drinks, my purse and phone (I’m an idiot) with keys sprawled out on the table top.  Now, if I saw that, I would believe someone was currently sitting there but apparently that isn’t obvious to everyone.

I returned first (my boyfriend is very non-confrontational so I’m pretty sure he was hiding somewhere) and found a guy that looked like Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame (pre-weight loss and no I haven’t seen Lord of the Rings) sitting at our table.

So I just went and sat down next to him not completely sure of what to say.  At first he continued eating like I wasn’t sitting six inches away and finally looked at me and asked if I had already been sitting here.  Instead of motioning to all my shit littered across the table, I just shrugged and said, “yeah, I think so.”  He told me to give him a sec (apparently his food was so good he wasn’t bothered that he had seated himself at someone else’s table and currently had a stranger watch him eat) ate a couple more bites and finally got up.  Then, surprise surprise, my boyfriend materializes out of nowhere and sits back down.  Oh, all conflict is gone.  Here I am…

Anyway, Taco Park is good but it’s hot outside.  Zombie Truck here I come.  Eventually…


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