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Lola’s. I saw someone eating Twinkies.

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So I love coming here.  It’s dark and moody and you can never tell if it’s day or night outside.  I also like it because I think that this pic over the bar looks like Lil’ Kim.  My boyfriend and I fight over that every time we go.  He apparently does not.

The people who work there don’t particularly seem to care for us but for all I know they could just be completely ambivalent to everyone.  If I had a bar and someone wanted to buy something from me, I don’t care what it is you want, if you’re giving me money I can muster up some bullshit for you.  Even if you’re ordering something terrible.  Rum?  Fine, even you get a half smile.

I like the decor and I want to steal their lighting.  Oh, and I sat next to someone who ate two Twinkies.  First off, I didn’t realize America still sells Twinkies and, second, I was grossly fascinated.  Who can legitimately pull two Twinkies out of their purse (yes, a female) and proceed to eat them in a smoky bar?

Go do that shit in the closet like a respectable person.  Anyway,this place is great, it’s one of the few small, old school bars left in the area.  Kind of sad…


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