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The Usual. We are moving out.


I love this place.  Unfortunately the only person that will go places with me on a regular basis doesn’t.

I don’t know what he doesn’t like about it.  I have heard him repeatedly say something about the overpriced drinks, that fact that some days it can be walltowall hipsters or that I drink martinis when we go (let’s be honest, no one handles martinis all that well).

Too bad that’s stupid because I think this place is great.

 And I have some bad news for my boyfriend.  They guy who owns this place is taking over the old 7th Haven spot across the street from where we live.   Apparently the other day they had a preview party after the Fort Worth Weekly’s Music thing.  I happened to drive by  and the entire block was overflowing with hipsters.

There was the obvious skinny guy with the tank top, cut off skinny jeans, afro and skates (no lie) just sitting on the curb hanging out, apparently he failed to notice it was 106 outside.  There were the girls in vintage dresses and oversized reading glasses and more skinny jeans than a fucking Nordstroms.

Welcome to the neighborhood, I can’t wait for you to open.  But I think my boyfriend is moving out which means I’ll have to find someone else who wants to do stuff with me.

Wish me luck with that shit.


5 thoughts on “The Usual. We are moving out.

  1. The Usual is one of my favorite bars. Was at the Gold Standard for their preview…they weren’t overrun with hipsters when I was there but it was early and aren’t hipsters like vampires and can’t come out in the daylight? I’m happy to have Brad’s cocktails closer to my home.

    • It’s one of mine too! I drove the back way between Lola and 7th haven, its was funny people were like loitering in the streets. Do you know when Gold Standard opens? I want to try it, I wanted to go to the preview party but was a smidgies too hungover.

      • All the people and loitering was mainly because of the Weekly awards showcase. Bands were playing everywhere and most people walked…or took naps in the street. I don’t know.

        Gold Standard should be open any day now. Last I heard it was to be on the 9th but I haven’t seen or heard anything else about it. Some of the food trucks are already out. The space is completely funkified and fairly different from Haven. It also has some really cool details to it that people may or may not notice when it’s packed and you’re drunk. They’re calling it “the dive bar’s last stand on 7th Street.” I love the copy on the “about me” of their website.

      • Well it’s across the street so I guess I’ll keep loitering til they open. I’ll let you know…

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