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The Dungeon. A Vampire Bar. Obviously.

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It took me bit to decide to write about this since its quasi-fucked up and portrays me like an idiot.  I would say, ‘don’t judge’ but based on all the other material in this blog…blahblahblah.

I was in New Orleans this past week, seeing as my boyfriend has family there we try and go a couple times a year.  We had walked around the Quarter during the day, going in and out of shops, bars, etc.  We had walked by this bar called The Dungeon (dun-dun) and my boyfriend non-chalantly said it was a vampire bar that opened at midnight.  Well I un-non-chalantly pointed out that we don’t have many Fangtasias in Fort Worth and let’s please acknowledge that shit’s crazy.  I knew True Blood was real.

The next day we decide to have Sunday Funday so we woke up went to Dante’s Kitchen for brunch and started drinking.  One of my boyfriend’s insane friends (understatement) joined us and next thing you know everyone is drunk (understatement).

I state my intention that at midnight we are all going to The Dungeon.  At this point it’s 1:30 and we have been at it since 10am.  No one believed we (let alone me) would last til midnight to go hang out with vampires but I was determined.  Everyone had stories about this place but had actually never been.  Sex in public, people actually drinking blood, etc. So obviously my interested was peaked.  I was on vacation and ready to see some crazy shit.

It dwindled down to three (we left the guy my boyfriend’s little sister was hitting on at the bar because he was a total douche and I’m almost positive he was missing half his brain) and when midnight finally hit we set off for the French Quarter.  We went into the front door of The Dungeon only to find you have to walk down this extremely dark narrow path, which I swear was like half a mile, covered in trees (dear God New Orleans is fucking humid) down a stone alley way that takes you to the front of the bar.  We showed our IDs to get in and went into the darkest bar known to man.

My picture sucks but obviously the place was dark.  I mean all the vampires would have died otherwise.  In all honestly, I had been drinking for 14 hours and there was a sign on the wall that said no pictures.  But, vampires don’t show up in pictures so I don’t really know what their problem was.  Anyway I tried to be sly, almost fell out of my seat but I got his great pic.

 Everyone in there looked normal, especially the fat old dude in the corner but he bought all our drinks so he ended up being pretty cool,  but since I hadn’t seen a vampire before I wasn’t sure what to look out for.  I sure didn’t see any people having sex and I sure as fuck didn’t see Alexander Skarsgard.

I guess vampires don’t like Sunday Funday.  So I went back to the hotel, ordered a grilled cheese and passed out.


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