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Dos Gringos. And no one drinks Big Red.

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After our amazing experience at Pop’s the other night, we decided to eat at Dos Gringos around the corner.  The thing about this place is that it tastes bad.  But, they now serve Big Red Margaritas.  Gross?  Probably but I am totally going to drink that.  Had I not have already ordered my non-gross drink I would have ordered one.

Since my boyfriend moved here five years ago I have never let him eat here.  I swore it off after high school but I didn’t pinpoint why until I finally thought about it.  I mean, as I have already mentioned, the food makes my tastebuds unhappy but I eat a lot of gross shit so it’s not like that would that stop me.  I think it stems from them confiscating my fake ID in high school.  But considering I can probably still pass for a college student, I can’t even imagine what I looked like when I was 17 and trying to order drinks.  Probably like I was 8.

The bright side of Dos Grigos?  When there are only four other people eating in the same establishment as you, you get your food fast.  I had literally just said the word “nachos” and that shit was sitting in front of me.

Back to the important part of this story.  We sat (wherever we wanted because their customers were missing) in a booth and there was a picture duct taped to the side of our booth (classy) that said they now offer Big Red Margaritas (equally classy).

I kept looking at the mug shot-esque picture of a larger dude holding a margarita with a bottle of Big Red dumped upside down on top.  To say I was intrigued would have been an understatement.  Here is a gross fact about myself.  I love Big Red.  It is delicious and thirst quenching.  (side story.  I was in New Orleans this past week [dear Jesus] and we were all sitting at a famous restaurant [hungover and semi drunk] ordering brunch.  My boyfriend’s sister was complaining she was really thirsty and dehydrated.  So she ordered a screwdriver.  Made me laugh.  I would have ordered water but I was drinking brandy milk punch and a bloody mary so who the fuck was I to say anything).

Anyway, the guy in the mug shot looked like our waiter but I didn’t want to ask if that was him, it would be like saying, “you look like that fat guy.  Tell me more about this Bid Red Margarita?”  “Wait, you think that’s me?  That guy’s fat.  What are you saying?  And to answer your question, any drink made with Big Red is delicious.”

Of course I asked and he told us he was in San Antonio recently and the drink was offered somewhere along the river walk.  So apparently that makes three people on the planet that like Big Red.  Me, this dude and one person in San Antonio.


One thought on “Dos Gringos. And no one drinks Big Red.

  1. I love ’em. I had one at the ceader door for the first time a month ago. I like big red and peanuts the best

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