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Bowling at Lucky Strike. And Pot Face.

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After my pleasant experience at Margie’s the other night (I am pretty sure my boyfriend will never let us return) we went bowling.  A little thing about me is I think bowling blows.

We met up with some friends of ours, a guy I went to TCU with who owns a slight case of anger management issues and his girlfriend, who was stoned off her ass, at Lucky Strike.  I have actually never been around him when he hasn’t gotten into an altercation with someone around us (usually his fault I should note) so it’s a guaranteed good time whenever we all go out.  I had to be in Dallas at 8 the next morning for work (but seeing as I work for myself, I got there at 10:30 and stopped and got a breakfast burrito first.  Then left early) and had said I wasn’t going to drink much.  Well we all know how that ends…

Fast forward to 2am, leaving Wired Willies and headed back to our house to have some wine.  I’m surprised I made it to Dallas at all.  Actually Im surprised I’m not dead.

Anyways, it’s always funny to see the people bowling next to you.  You all have to sit together like you came together which either leads to everyone kind of quasi-hanging out or each party pretending the other doesn’t exist.  We tried to go with the first option but seeing as the party sitting across from us was having none of it (people that don’t know me hate talking to me.  It’s can honestly be like talking to the side of a house) so we all had to go with option 2.

We played two hours (which cost like $900) and during that period we had two different groups sit across/with us.  The first group looked like they belonged in a rap video and considering I look like I belong in a Kelly Clarkson video, I wasn’t terribly surprised they didn’t want to hang out with me and Pot Face.  Their screen names consisted of Big Pimp, DeeDee and Carl.  The second group I don’t even remember what they looked like (it was that kind of evening) but they were Juan, Tony and Suize.

Our names were Bad Ass (it’s about time I get new friends), Miss Kitty, Res Ruiz (supposed to be Res Rulz but this mexicanized version made me laugh for about 20 minutes) and Miss Margo.  I wasnt terribly thrilled by whomever chose my dominatrix sounding pseudonym but I’m at a bowling alley so I actually didn’t give a shit.

Also, side note- if anyone would like to buy an Ikea couch, I have one and it needs to get out of my house.


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