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Pop’s Safari & Bath Tub Wine

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Before I went to my previous post’s wine tasting, I stopped to have some wine first.

It had been awhile since I had been to Pop’s Safari.  Seeing as last time I was there I broke two wineglasses, I decided it would be good to put a little distance between the two of us for a bit.

Here is how I would describe Pop’s: hot and smelly. It’s a quaint little cigar bar where the average occupant is 67 and male and the wine is mediocre at best (one might make the comparison to bath tub wine, which I have had and can legitly make that comparison).   The room temperature is a cool 96 degrees and is thick with cigar smoke.   Don’t mind that fan next to the bison face (or whatever the fuck that is), it’s just blowing some blazing hot smoky air in your face.

It’s very hunter’s lodge-esque feeling with all the dead animals covering the walls.   I would rank my fun level right up there rivaling this zebra’s.  Speaking of fun times, it also rivals the hour wait in line at Trader Joe’s I had the other day.  My significant other and I left without finishing our wine which is something I usually refuse to do out of principle but seeing as it was cooler to stand outside in the sun we went with that route.

So if you are out on the prowl, looking for a 60+ gentleman, hit up Pop’s.  It’s hot as shit in there, so don’t wear your clothes.


One thought on “Pop’s Safari & Bath Tub Wine

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