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My Wine Art. Times Ten.

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So here are my wine notes from the tasting I went to at Times Ten the other day…

I guess I like drinking wine more than I like hearing about wine.  We were with a group of about 15 people and getting that many people to give a shit about what you are talking about is really hard.  Especially if what you have to say lasts longer than everyone’s attention span of 20 seconds.

The wine guy prefaced each tasting with, “I’m only going to take two seconds of your time.”  I think he could tell no one was going to listen but he was also lying because two minutes later he is still talking to himself about why rosé is pink, but at that point everyone (me) has continued on with their conversations.  I think by the end, he was just pouring wine and walking away, patiently waiting for closing time so we would have to leave.

Here are the suck up’s notes that I sat net to.  You can tell from the top left that when I ran out of space on my page I had moved on to hers.

I noticed it doesn’t help when you are ordering a glass of wine each time they brought a new wine.   At the end he came around the table thanking everyone for coming and saw my wine art.  He just looked so defeated, I thought he was going to cry.

I have that effect on people.

The place is really great place to go just to hang out, it’s really laid back.  True story- one time I was there I saw some parents who gave their kids like three glasses of white wine each (kids slam wine like my college roommate used to slam Apple Pucker-tinis.  It would literally make my stomach turn watching).  As I sat at the table next to them getting progressively drunker, I wondered if when I have kids I will make them slam wine with me as well.

They must have been about 12 or 13 but I’m a terrible judge of age.  They could have been 32 for all I know.


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