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1. President Kitty. 2. Monty’s Corner

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FIRE SALE ON CATS!  All cats must go!

This sign made me laugh, just solidified the fact people really don’t like cats.  I remember when I bought my black cat from the Humane Society, the lady handing him over said, “let me give you some advice.”  Seeing as I had never owned a cat, even advice from this absolute weirdo was greatly appreciated (made me think of new moms venturing home from the hospital with their babies.  You get home and you’re like ‘um…ok, now what?’).  “Don’t take him out on Halloween.  Someone will kill him.”  Well, first of all and most importantly of all, I haven’t yet gotten to the point when I go out I take my cat with me.  Second, I have seen Halloween bring out the worst in people but it was more alcohol related, not murdering cats related.  But, seeing as it was good advice, I don’t take President Kitty out with me on Halloween, and, in turn, I never have to worry about him getting assassinated.

I was in a mood yesterday (this blog is starting to portray me as moody and fat.  I’m going to have to look into that) and my other half suggested we go to Wine Styles (my favorite, his not favorite so he was being nice to me.  He does love me!).   They have some of my favorite wines (look at Rain Man writing down all his important things) including this Meritage by Hayman & Hill.

After that, seeing as the cat sign was on my mind and the idea of going to the bar at Sushi Axiom was out (it had been 24 hours since our last visit), we went to Monty’s Corner.  We seriously need to move because I seem to go to the same three places overandover again.  I’m going to change the name of this blog to  Anyway, the only interesting thing about Monty’s Corner is this picture of Black Elvis.

I’m hungry and it’s been over 24 hours.  Sushi Axiom for lunchies!


One thought on “1. President Kitty. 2. Monty’s Corner

  1. I love stories like this! I am an animal lover and I try to do good deeds. Read my latest article about donating to the local humane society:


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