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Sunday Funday? Sure. Regrets? Oh Absolutely.

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My day began in running clothes, walking (it was Sunday, I wasn’t going to get all fitness crazy on Sunday) downtown to meet my boyfriend for lunch.

Side note: I noticed downtown smells faintly of corny dogs and I hadn’t noticed that before.  It was kind of gross but also interesting because it makes you look around and see where the smell is coming from and why.  Which then brought my attention to the fact everyone was wearing Ray Bans.  I was also wearing Ray Bans.  I haven’t figured out my thoughts on that latest development.

So I’m walking downtown and I get a text (I’m a texter, not a talker.  I hardly ever even talk in person so how I have managed to make friends is beyond me) for my two friends wanting to do “something fun”…  I put that in quotes because I remember one of us saying it but just not exactly who.  I’ll have to go back and look because that person needs to be shot.

They are a couple and I am part of a couple and when one of the foursome wants to go do “something fun” the end results can include jail (I’m not kidding), not knowing where you are when you wake up (that happened to me recently when we woke up at their lake house.  Flip cup with Boones Farm?  Yes please.  Dinner?  No thanks.  I’m going to go play some flip cup with this bottle of Strawberry Hill here.) and someone getting in a fight.  With each other or with someone else who happens to be around.  Could really be anyone.  Don’t get to close.

When 50% of your party of four is from Louisiana shit can get crazy.  Fortunately my half of Team Louisiana had to work all day so our outing was more subdued.  We started at Oliver’s, which yes, is an odd choice but thats where people go when they are trying to remain somewhat sober and avoid the $1 mimosas and belinis across the street at Taverna.  We sat out on the patio and had fun beers in the hot Texas heat.  And since that only gets you so far, where did we go next?

Obviously, we went to Taverna.  It would have been stupid really not to.  At this point I had given up on my fitness routine and was being chauffeured around in the back of a pick up.  Not the bed, mind you, the back seat.

We ended this regret filled drinkfest at Fred’s.  They left and I had to walk home after waiting 45 minutes for food.  I learned Sunday evening is not the time to place to-go orders.  After 30 minutes of waiting, the guy looked at me and asked, “Uh…are you waiting on something?” I think it was actually at that point my order was finally placed.  I walked home, ate my portobella burger in the dark and went to bed vowing not to hang out with those people again.

But I will.  And oh yeah, it will be fun.


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