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Zoo Beastro…zzz


If someone had told me five years ago that I would eventually end up sober at a Sister Hazel concert at the zoo…well, I probably would have pro-actively tried to adjust a couple things but no one gave me the heads up so onwards I went.

Regardless, my koozie (god only knows how to spell that word) was lying to me.  There was no Rock & Roll and there was very little fun to be had.

You pay $90 a person (or you can go to Del Friscos and save a little money) and there are restaurants and bars scattered around the zoo.  You roam, eat, drink and go to a 90’s soft rock concert.

We went last year (I know, masochists) and Everclear was playing.  Well back in high school, I actually liked me some Everclear but let me inform you who plays they worst concert on the entire planet of Earth.  Everclear.

The lead singer was so drunk he forgot all the lyrics and started screaming obscenities and insults at the crowd.  Actually, thinking back last year’s party was significantly more fun.  I guess that’s why they went with Sister Hazel this year.

I had originally made a really great (stupid) video of flamingos walking around to a sound track of Sister Hazel but WordPress was going to make me pay $60 to post it.  No video I will ever make is worth that although I did do the best with what I had.

But if all you have is Sister Hazel, some flamingos hanging out and two weak drinks the results are pretty much moderate at best.  And probably only worth about $1.75.


2 thoughts on “Zoo Beastro…zzz

  1. Love your writing, you always make me laugh!

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