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Don’t pass out in your car…


So I wrote this post about Boomberjack’s (Boomerjack’s in case you were confused) and apparently there are good times to be had there.

Saturday morning 7am– we go downstairs to walk the dog and find this man passed out in his car.  It was too stupid not to take a picture.

The only place I can think that you can get that drunk downstairs is Boomberjack’s or he is waiting patiently for Radio Shack to open and we all know no one goes there.


3 thoughts on “Don’t pass out in your car…

  1. LOL! At least he didn’t drive. He could have also been at Monty’s.

    I know a girl that keeps a sign in her car for that says, “Please don’t tow me. I drank too much at Poag’s last night and will pick up my car soon.”

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