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Spiral Diner. But I can actually eat anywhere…

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There is something to be said about vegetarian food and what is to be said about it is that it’s kind of gross looking.   A friend of mine took me to Spiral Diner the other day for my birthday and,  as I am a creature of habit and rarely branch out (one of my non-amazing qualities), I  ordered the Hummus Wrap for the hundredth time.  Which as you can see below looks like a goo-pile with a side of apples (weird).  But it is delicious and makes my tum-tum happy.

It’s always funny to me that around my birthday each year, my friends start calling (I actually don’t have that many friends, it’s usually the same two people) wanting to take me to lunch at Spiral Diner.  Which is fine, I like that place, but although I’m a vegetarian other restaurants do let me in.

That said, no one ever wants a side of sliced apples with their meal.  I’m not 4-years-old but I am…

Actually no I’m not.  I’m vegetarian as fuck but I assume that wouldn’t fit on a pin that small.


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