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St. Ann’s. Yeah, that’s Avocado…


This New Year’s I gave up pizza, chips and some other generally ‘bad for you’ foods.  So yesterday I went and ate pizza at St. Ann’s in Dallas.

They have the option of ‘make your own flatbread’ which, I have noticed due to past experience, anyone allowing me to ‘do my own thing’ usually results in a bad tasting disasterpile.  But somehow they managed to make something even out of my bizarre order of sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese and avocado.   Avocado is weird on pizza.  

Now I’m going to go eat some pho so prepare yourself pho some more pho jokes (oh yeah).


2 thoughts on “St. Ann’s. Yeah, that’s Avocado…

  1. That looks delicious. Definitely going to try this.

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