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Boomerjack’s, henceforth known as Boomberjack’s

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To say that yesterday I was in  bad mood would be quite an understatement.  My other half came home from work wondering where dinner was (I work from home, which I’ve noticed has seemingly lead everyone to believe I don’t do anything anymore) and I was not so inclined to make anything.  I was taking a stand.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your feelings of this place), that stand led us downstairs to Boomberjack’s.

So a couple things about this picture.

That glass of wine in the background?  Yeah, it’s there, I said I had a bad day.  Actually, after reading this I am trying to justify my delicious quesadilla and bad wine combination…I can’t.  Just leave me be.

Also, to say I am an expert on quesadillas would be like saying I am an expert on rocket ships (Note: I currently am not an expert on rocket ships) but these were really good.

So good to say, next time I am in a bad mood I will probably be headed to Boomberjack’s for more boxed wine and quesadillas.  They also have drinks served in fishbowls.  I don’t know if that appeals to anyone.

But I’ll probably save that shitshow for a really bad mood.


One thought on “Boomerjack’s, henceforth known as Boomberjack’s

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