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Trough Burger Wagon Please

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I learned an important lesson today.  Don’t walk up to someone and say, “I have $5, how much does this cost?” because the answer will then change to $5.

I’m an idiot so that was the way I chose to start my conversation in regards to my breakfast sandwich.  I have the feeling if I hand’t tipped my hand I would have walked away from the Burger Trough with a delicious $3 sandwich which would have then afforded me the bottle of water I so desperately needed.

My egg, cheese and jalapeño sammie was pretty tasty though; you know it’s good (and bad for you) when the paper in which it’s wrapped is clear with grease.  Random thought- I was watching The Simpsons one time (I was in middle school, shut up) and Homer was explaining you can tell how good something is by how much grease soaks though.  I think he took a turkey leg and rubbed it against the dining room wall and they could see into the living room.  This sandwich made me think that this would be a good way to see what my new neighbors look like.

So in terms of deliciousness value, I would give it a $8.  But since this isn’t a communist nation, we don’t charge on a varying scale and I shouldn’t be charged more because I’m an idiot.  Next time, the convo will go like this:

“I have $1.50.  How much is this?”

“More than you have.  Get lost.”

Anyway, go eat there.  My breakfast sandwich made of gold was delicious.

But stop by the bank first, you might need to dip into your savings if you want to add a drink.


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