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Winner…If You Want to Call it That

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I went to the GRAND OPENING of Monty’s Corner the other day, which is odd since I have eaten there like 15 times already (that’s not to say it’s good, it’s just shows I’m lazy), and I won these tickets.

Side Note:  I win everything (if you consider tickets to Casa Mañana winning…) and my other half never wins anything.  He said it started after he met me (rude).  So one time we were in New Orleans gambling at Harrah’s and while he was spending $10 a hand on something stupid, I, on the other hand, was frugally spending 5 cents a pull on the slots. Who won $1,000?  Me.  Boom.

Regardless of my winningness, I apparently lack culture due to the fact I am not particularly thrilled to go to Casa Mañana.  Everyone is like, “but it’s Johnny Cash!”  Well, I don’t particularly care for Johnny Cash either so I guess I’m missing the point.  Plus it’s not like he is actually going to be there.

So, not sure of the point of this post…but I live in Fort Worth and Casa is in Fort Worth.  That should be enough I guess.  OH, and if you want some tickets to see Johny Cash let me know.  I’m selling them for $100.   I hear he might make an appearance.


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