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Daybreak again? If I must…


Daybreak?  nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom…  I think this must be how they serve their plates.  This is what mine always looks like.

Actually this time, we (my other half and I) went with another couple the morning after a late evening that included a stint at the White Elephant (side note part 1: last time I was at White Elephant I threw up in the planter box outside at 3pm so I try not to frequent all too often).    She laughed at how much I ordered then I amazed (might not be the right word) her with the fact I ate it all .  Yes, I was hungry…so, yeah, I ate it all (and four pieces of toast off her boyfriend’s plate which I dipped in salsa.  Oh god, it was delicious…).

Side note part 2: There was this taco place (who will remain nameless because I’m about to talk shit) that was across the street from where I live and connected to a bar.  So I would drink too much and go eat tacos, maybe twice (four or five times.  Get off me) a week.  WELL, once I ate there sober.  Life changing.  I finally found out…it actually does not taste good.  Not good at all…  It’s like the first time you eat Whataburger sober after college.  You realize it’s not delicious and you question why you have been doing this to yourself for years.

It’s asounding the impact alcohol has on your tastebuds.  I don’t even want to know what Taco Bell tastes like (speaking of which, I think I left my credit card there Friday night.  Might need to look into that…).


3 thoughts on “Daybreak again? If I must…

  1. I think I know this taco place of which you speak. If it is, they kept giving me chicken when I ask for chorizo. I once called them out on it and they still tried to convince me it’s chorizo and not chicken. I may be a white girl but I’m Texan and I know my chorizo. Haven’t been back since.

    • That happened to my boyfriend one time when we were there! They always get my order wrong as well but for some reason I love it. I guess you just have to go in with the mindset of not getting what you want!

      • I’m glad it’s not just me! Unfortunately what I really hate about it is that the very first time I went they actually gave me chorizo and it was soooooo good! Makes me angry to see chicken instead.

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