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La Familia

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Where did I want to go?  Fred’s.  But at 10:01am I was quasi-politely informed that I would have to wait another 29 minutes til they opened at 10:30.

Seeing as we walked there and had few other options, we found that La Familia opens at 8. Which is pretty crazy because who is eating mexican food at 8am.  Not this person.

But it also appears no one eats mexican food at 10:15.

A little something about La Familia is they shake your hand when you walk in the door.  Well, a little something about me is I distinctly don’t like people touching me (which I’m pretty sure it’s a trait I share with most of America).  Fortunately I think we blindsided them by showing up to eat there so we sidestepped the handshake when we got there by throwing open the door, taking off running and throwing ourselves at the first table by the door.

They got me on the way out though.

I ordered huevos con papa which, as I explained to my other half (who is from Louisiana and doesn’t know the linguistics of spanish as well as I do) huevos con papas means mexican food in spanish.

Definitely try La Familia at night, they light your margarita on fire when they give it to you.  And as we all know, fire + alcohol = good times.

But after your flaming margaritas, don’t forget.  They are waiting for you on the way out.


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