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Yukatan Taco Stand

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To say I might have been over served last night would be an understatement.  My evening started classy at Saint Emilion, started going downhill with my arrival at Showdown (two things about that statement.  1- who goes to Showdown after going to Saint Emilion?  Obviously I should have just gone home at that point.  2- I have my own mug there.  Awesome or I seriously need to get my shit together?…I haven’t decided yet) and ended poorly at Jack in the Box.  Judge me, it’s fine.  I do.

But, point being, it resulted in delicious tacos for lunch today.  Not a total loss.

I like Yukatan because I like the table hot sauce.  It’s tasty and mucho spicy.  That and the frozen screwdrivers are strong.  Not that I will be having any.

Oh god, maybe just one.

909 W Magnolia


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