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Love Shack

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I heard Love Shack is moving from it’s location on 7th to somewhere else (apparently from this statement you can see I don’t know where) so we decided to walk over there for dinner last night.

There was live music by a guy who would stop in the middle of every song to talk to the crowd.  Various topics, like what people were eating, how he forgot the lyrics, blahblahblah.  Now, I don’t get out much in terms of seeing live music but I figure you should know the lyrics to the music you composed before you get up there and waste everyone’s time.

I always (and by that…I’ve been twice) get the portabella burger and that’s usually it.  They have those weird flat french fries so we decided to try their ‘famous fried cheese’.  I would advise to stay as far away from that as possible.  They don’t say this on the menu but I actually think it’s just goo.

But that said, I like fried cheese from Sonic so do with all this information what you will.

I guess, all in all, I would say I’m not terribly upset they’re moving but I’m sure a Chili’s Too or something equally terrible will move in.


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