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Pho Restaurant


Normally I drive to Haltom City to eat whatever pho is but, of late, I have been battling midday traffic from hell and loitering high schoolers (also from hell) to go to Pho.  And that’s actually the name of the restaurant.

Side note: it’s so weird to me that most pho restaurants are usually named Pho Restaurant.  It’s like naming an italian restaurant Lasagna.

I think pho might actually be the least photogenic food out there.  That coupled with the fact this place is located in the Hulen & 30 shopping center across from Heights had it starting from a distinct disadvantage.

Although the one advantage Pho Resto has?  Their actual pho.  It’s pho-cking (boom) amazing.  On the door it says it’s healthy for you too but I don’t believe them.  Delicious pho making liars.

That and they give you your leftovers in a Sonic Route 44 cup.  I did order my curry pho bowl TCU size.  It was an option on the menu so I thought, ‘I went to TCU so I must eat this.’  It actually triples the size of your noodle bowl to something more like the size of a toilet bowl.  I will literally have leftovers pho days (mini boom).

I even bought a new app (Snapdish) which is designed for the sole purpose of taking pictures of food.  It was supposed to make pics of even unappetizing food look edible.

Review of Pho Restaurant- eat it.  It’s pho-licious.  Review of Snapdish- don’t buy it.  It blows.


5 thoughts on “Pho Restaurant

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  2. There’s a restaurant in Houston named Lasagna…I also thought that was weird.

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