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Trough Burger Wagon

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I’m friends with this guy on Facebook and everyday when he posts even stupider things than the day before, I always question why I am friends with him (I can actually answer my own question.  It’s laziness).  But today, he showed me another reason.

He checked in, commented and liked the Trough Burger Wagon.

This place is right by my house and I wasn’t actually working so the dog and I walked over.

(potato, egg and cheese breakfast taco)

I ended up knowing the guy working (oh, high school) so mine was made “with love”, which I doubt yours will be but it was extra awesome.

They’re open weekdays starting at 6am.  Since it’s crazy to be out eating tacos that early, I went at 9:30.

An outdoor picnic table and this lovely seating area litter the parking lot off to the side of Durty Crow (another favorite of mine) so drop by late night or early morning.    The food is simple and seriously good.   It’s actually so good, I checked-in, commented and liked the Trough Burger Wagon.  And I never do that shit.

Thank you Alex.


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