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Day Break Cafe

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Yesterday my other half and I were at a cross road.

One way took us home to bed and in front of the TV watching tivo while the other way (the one we always mistakenly take, say next time we won’t and then always do) took us out on the town.  Which was why I spent my morning at Day Break Cafe.

That was actually why I spent yesterday morning there too.  Thank god we had a different waitress.

The food is delicious.  But how could hash browns covered in cheese, onions and jalapeños possibly be bad?  That and my fried egg and cheese sandwich made me feel a little better.

Oh, and the ambiance makes me giggle.

We haven’t really figured out the menu.  The reason we ended up eating there stemmed from a trip to the oil change place close by.  My other half went in and the mechanics had ordered in food from Day Break and we have since been curious what kind of place has chili dogs and eggrolls on the same menu.

I think it’s Mexican but it might not be, the egg rolls really throw me.  But whatever, it’s good.  I strongly recommend it.


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